Medical providers at the Darnall Army Medical Center failed to timely and appropriately treat a high-risk pregnancy, which resulted in a traumatic delivery. Their negligence permanently disabled the baby causing developmental delays, brain damage, cerebral palsy, and feeding difficulties. The child will require lifelong attendant supportive care.

Elliott v. United States

In a recent Army hospital birth injury settlement, our team at National Trial Law secured an $8,000,000 settlement on behalf of a military family. Our clients received negligent and substandard care during labor and delivery at Darnall Army Medical Center in Fort Hood, Texas, which resulted in their baby’s severe life-long injuries. National Trial Law partners Jamal Alsaffar and Tom Jacob helped secure this result along with their co-counsel from Michigan, Jesse Reiter and Anne Randall of the Reiter & Walsh Firm.

Our client was admitted to the Darnall Army Medical Center for labor and delivery with high blood pressure. After continuous elevated blood pressure readings from the mother, the baby’s fetal monitor strip began to show signs of fetal distress. Even after continued distress, and even though the mother was contracting every thirty seconds to three minutes, medical providers increased Pitocin dosage (a drug used to help deliver babies). This caused the mother to have uterine hyperstimulation and deprived the baby from receiving adequate oxygen. The baby’s fetal monitor strip alerted the healthcare providers to the baby’s dangerous oxygen loss, but the baby’s distress was ignored for hours. At delivery, the baby was born blue with no tone or respirations.

The government’s negligence caused the baby to suffer severe brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and is permanently disabled. The child will require attendant, medical, and supportive care for the rest of his life. We are honored to reach a result that will ensure this military family gets the support and care their child needs for the rest of his life.