Our client was misdiagnosed by U.S. Government health care providers at Lakenheath Medical Center in the United Kingdom. Their negligence caused permanent damage to her spinal nerves and resulted in a neurogenic bowel and bladder which requires catheterization and manual dis-impaction of her bowel. She is not able to walk normally and if she does walk, she will be couch bound the next day. As a result of her injuries, she was diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome (CES). Our client is no longer able to perform basic housekeeping, cooking, lawn care, or grocery shopping. The prognosis from her pain doctor is that she will indefinitely suffer from pain and nothing can be done to lessen her symptoms. She describes this experience and her injuries as the “hardest, most terrifying” experience of her life. Government health care providers failed to properly investigate, recognize, rule out, diagnose and intervene timely for our client’s cauda equina syndrome. Had imaging and surgery been performed earlier, permanent damage to her spinal nerves would not have occurred and she would not be burdened with a neurogenic bladder and bowel. Our client received $555,587. Other case fees include $140,000 for attorneys’ fees and $4,412 in litigation expenses.