Anesthesiology malpractice left a Minnesota man paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. A jury in Hennepin County found that as a result of anesthesiology medical malpractice, Joseph Lakoskey should be compensated in the amount of $9.1 million. Mr. Lakoskey was a 51 year old man who went into the hospital with flu symptoms and dehydration. He was given fluids to fight the dehydration, but then was given anesthesia medications. In the process, the anesthesiology team committed medical malpractice when they stopped his treatment for dehydration. This left him severely compromised and caused his blood pressure to drop, leading to a deprivation of oxygenated blood to his spinal cord.

In these types of medical malpractice cases involving anesthesiology, the plaintiff often has the burden to prove the medical damages that have occurred and will occur over the course of Mr. Lakoskey’s life. When a person is injured by anesthesiology malpractice, they will often need medical care that will last a life time, including attendant care, and care by a team of doctors and nurses that will be equipped to handle the specific medical needs of that patient. Often times, a victim of anesthesiology medical malpractice cannot get the care they need through their existing insurance companies, so they must seek legal relief in a court of law.