Georgia Army Hospital Medical Malpractice

Our client went to the Winn Army Community Hospital in Fort Stewart, Georgia for induction of labor. She was given a medication called Cytotec to thin her cervix. Cytotec carries a known risk of uterine hyperstimulation that can cause uterine rupture. Shortly after, she was started on Pitocin, another drug that carries the known risk of uterine hyperstimulation. Combining Cytotec with Pitocin should have put the healthcare providers on alert for possible uterine hyperstimulation. But it did not. The fetal monitoring strips (FMS) showed uterine contractions occurring too close together and lasting too long to be safe for the baby or mother. Despite evidence of uterine hyperstimulation, the Pitocin dosage was increased. Shortly later, it was increased again. The medical records included an order to discontinue Pitocin if hyperstimulation or a non-reassuring fetal heart rate pattern occurred. This order was ignored. Unsurprisingly, the fetal heart rate crashed and dropped to a dangerously low level. Medical providers attempted to use fetal scalp electrode, a vacuum extractor, and forceps all before performing a caesarean section. The baby was finally delivered by an emergency C-Section. The mother experienced a uterine rupture, and was immediately taken back for emergency surgery due to internal hemorrhaging and right ureter blockage. Sadly, the baby was born limp, bradycardic, cyanotic, and had no respiratory effort.

Settlement Breakdown

$1,796,916.17 received by client (includes medical trust and annuity)

$625,000 attorneys’ fees

$75,083.83 case expenses

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