A cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit recently settled for $3.5m in Illinois. Maria Pullman went to her doctors to identify and diagnose cancer while it was in the early stages. Ms. Pulliam felt a lump in her breast so she visited Provena St. Joseph Hospital in Joliet in 2010. She was referred to another doctor.

That doctor performed a fine needle aspiration biopsy. This involves using a needle to retrieve a sample of the tissue that may be cancerous. A pathologist examines the sample to determine definitively whether the tissue is cancer.

In Ms. Pulliam was told that her test results were negative for cancer. However, there was actually cancer growing inside Ms. Pulliam that went undiagnosed. It was only discovered when it had grown to stage IV breast cancer.

Stage IV cancer is the type of cancer that metastatic in nature — that is, it spreads from one part of the body to another. Once cancer spreads, it becomes much more difficult to remove—survival rates often depend on the individual cancer type.

Because of this cancer misdiagnosis, Ms. Pulliam filed a medical malpractice lawsuit. After much litigation, the defendants agreed to settle for $3.5 million for missing the cancer diagnosis.

If you feel you may have a cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit to file, you should first contact a medical malpractice lawyer and determine your precise legal remedies, if any.

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