Cases Against Private Entities

Jury Verdict

Products Liability

Confidential settlement following appeal; clients received over $4.3 million after attorneys’ fees and expenses.

Muth v. Ford Motor Co.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Our client, an Army Major, became a tetraplegic when the roof of a Crown Victoria in which he was a passenger was crushed in on him during a rollover. We were able to show that a nine dollar repair that involved adding steel to the roof would have prevented our client’s injuries.

$7,450,000 Settlement

Moments before a jury was selected in Los Angeles County, a delivery truck owner settled this case, with our Austin client whose legs were crushed by a dumpster recovering in excess of $4.3 million. Other fees from the case include $2,980,000 for attorneys’ fees and $160,800.

$5,900,000 Settlement

Our client was rear-ended at a high speed by a garbage truck driver. She was a young, active woman who now suffers from permanent injuries because of the accident. The client received $2,320,947, plus annuity payments totaling an additional $2,984,080 and $550,775 in paid medical bills. Other case fees include $1,966,666 for attorneys’ fees and $61,611 in case expenses.

$5,500,000 Jury Verdict

A Mack truck delivering the mail ran a red light and broadsided the car driven by our client’s 19-year-old son, killing him instantly. A defect in the brake valve, under the driver’s foot, prevented any substantial braking. The clients received $2,744,340. Other case fees include $366,085 for attorneys’ fees and $19,574 in case expenses.

$4,813,947 Recovery

Our client, a volunteer firefighter, suffered crushed legs when a Ford Expedition Police Truck that had been parked slightly uphill of our client slipped out of park into neutral. The Expedition rolled downhill, seriously and permanently injuring him. Our client received $2,493,330. Other case fees include $1,887,079 for attorneys’ fees and $415,637 in case expenses.

$4,510,484 Net-to-Client

A pedestrian passing a construction site was severely injured in a construction accident. Remarkably, she survived, but experienced traumatic brain injuries and other life-altering injuries. The clients received $4,510,484 and $188,560 in paid medical liens. Other case fees include $1,189,000 for attorneys’ fees and $59,954 in case expenses.

$3,200,000 Settlement

$1,891,499 received by client

$1,266,667 attorneys’ fees

$38,933 case expenses

$3,513 in paid medical bills

While in labor, the negligence of doctors and hospital staff toward our client led to an emergency cesarean section that resulted in the birth of a child with a severe brain injury.

$2,000,000 Settlement

Trucking Accident

Travis County, Texas
Wrongful death
$2,000,000 recovery
$$1,424,400 received by clients
$533,600 attorneys’ fees
$42,000 case expenses

A head-on collision between an SUV and an eighteen-wheeler resulted in the death of a 43-year-old businessman. Our firm’s investigation into the accident revealed that the driver of the eighteen-wheeler was on drugs at the time of the accident. We were able to obtain a pretrial settlement from the truck driver’s employer.

$1,750,000 Settlement

Car Accident

$1,166,507 received by clients
$583,333.34 attorneys fees
$159.51 case expenses

Austin, Texas

Settlement on behalf of a family of an 18-year old passenger in a vehicular accident that resulted in his tragic death. Our firm was able to negotiate a settlement before filing suit.

$1,650,000 Settlement

College Hazing

$943,747.86 received by clients
$660,000 attorneys’ fees
$46,252.14 litigation expenses

Hesselsweet v. Kappa Alpha

Austin, Texas

Our client was a pledge with Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Texas at Austin. During rush, he was hazed by the fraternity members and suffered a cracked skull and brain injuries as a result. The case settled after jury selection.

$1,200,000 Settlement

$466,667 received by client

$433,333 attorneys’ fees and case expenses

$300,000 in paid medical bills

Our client underwent a procedure for a benign tumor. During the surgery, the surgeon injured a major artery that supplies blood to the brain, which caused the patient to have a stroke. Now the patient suffers from severe and permanent impairments.

$925,000 Settlement

$543,892 received by client

$308,334 attorneys’ fees

$145,871 case expenses

An expecting mother was admitted at term with vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain. A cesarean section was performed, but much later then it should have been. A placental abruption was noted at the time of the delivery, and her baby was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He is wheelchair dependent, non-verbal, and requires 24/7 care.

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