$8,000,000 Settlement

Medical providers at the Darnall Army Medical Center failed to timely and appropriately treat a high-risk pregnancy, which resulted in a traumatic delivery. Their negligence permanently disabled the baby causing developmental delays, brain damage, cerebral palsy, and feeding difficulties. The child will require lifelong attendant supportive care.

$8,000,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:22:53-05:00

$7,860,000 Settlement

Army Medical Malpractice Birth Injury $23,250,000 awarded on appeal $18,967,710 received by clients with lifetime benefits $6,347,611 attorneys' fees $203,577 litigation expenses Lebron v. United States Fort Hood, Texas At Darnall Army Community Hospital, a doctor's improper use of forceps crushed a baby's skull, leading to massive brain damage, requiring

$7,860,000 Settlement2022-03-18T12:31:22-05:00

$3,200,000 Settlement

While in labor, the negligence of doctors and hospital staff toward our client led to an emergency cesarean section [...]

$3,200,000 Settlement2022-05-17T21:12:56-05:00

$925,000 Settlement

An expecting mother was admitted at term with vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain. A cesarean section was performed, [...]

$925,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:38:42-05:00

$850,000 Settlement

An obstetrician failed to properly treat a woman in labor with non-reassuring fetal heart rate and contraction patterns. This [...]

$850,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:37:40-05:00

$1,300,000 Settlement

Army Birth Injury Medical Malpractice $1,000,000 received by clients $300,000 in combined attorneys' fees & costs Ortiz v. United States Evans Army Community Hospital Mother was given a drug she was allergic to during labor and delivery causing injury to child.

$1,300,000 Settlement2022-05-17T18:21:38-05:00
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