$1,200,000 Settlement

Our client underwent a procedure for a benign tumor. During the surgery, the surgeon injured a major artery that [...]

$1,200,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:30:02-05:00

$4,510,484 Net-to-Client

A pedestrian passing a construction site was severely injured in a construction accident. Remarkably, she survived, but experienced traumatic [...]

$4,510,484 Net-to-Client2022-03-18T13:41:46-05:00

$1,625,000 Trial Judgment

Air Force Medical Malpractice Brain Injury $1,067,624 received by clients $418,248 attorneys' fees $227,001 litigation expenses Hogans v. United States Madigan Army Medical Center Army providers at the Lewis-McChord Army Base in Tacoma, Washington, as well as Army doctors at Winn Army Community Hospital in Ft. Stewart, Georgia failed to

$1,625,000 Trial Judgment2021-06-16T13:46:04-05:00

$2,000,000 Settlement

Veterans Affairs Medical Malpractice Brain Injury $1,432,118 received by clients with lifetime benefits $500,000 attorneys' fees $67,227 litigation expenses Richardson v. United States Audie Murphy VA Hospital Our client was on the telemetry floor of the hospital. He went to the bathroom, pushed the nurse call button, and coded. Providers

$2,000,000 Settlement2021-06-16T11:16:18-05:00

$6,500,000 Settlement

Air Force Medical Malpractice Brain Injury $4,581,969.98 to clients $1,625,000.00 attorneys fees $285,061.14 litigation expenses Timmons v. United States Fort Walton Beach Medical Center Air Force settled this case after its doctors and nurses provided too much oxytocin to our client and failed to monitor her labor and delivery, causing

$6,500,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:19:51-05:00
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