$1,200,000 Settlement

Our client underwent a procedure for a benign tumor. During the surgery, the surgeon injured a major artery that [...]

$1,200,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:30:02-05:00

$3,200,000 Settlement

While in labor, the negligence of doctors and hospital staff toward our client led to an emergency cesarean section [...]

$3,200,000 Settlement2022-05-17T21:12:56-05:00

$925,000 Settlement

An expecting mother was admitted at term with vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain. A cesarean section was performed, [...]

$925,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:38:42-05:00

$850,000 Settlement

An obstetrician failed to properly treat a woman in labor with non-reassuring fetal heart rate and contraction patterns. This [...]

$850,000 Settlement2022-03-18T13:37:40-05:00

Trucking Settlement

A truck pulling a trailer made an unsafe lane change and forced another vehicle into the concrete barrier separating [...]

Trucking Settlement2022-03-18T13:43:31-05:00

$4,510,484 Net-to-Client

A pedestrian passing a construction site was severely injured in a construction accident. Remarkably, she survived, but experienced traumatic [...]

$4,510,484 Net-to-Client2022-03-18T13:41:46-05:00

$500,000 Settlement

Our client experienced severe back pain and numbness in his left leg after reaching for something and heard a [...]

$500,000 Settlement2021-06-17T14:30:56-05:00
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