$7,860,000 Settlement

Army Medical Malpractice Birth Injury $23,250,000 awarded on appeal $18,967,710 received by clients with lifetime benefits $6,347,611 attorneys' fees $203,577 litigation expenses Lebron v. United States Fort Hood, Texas At Darnall Army Community Hospital, a doctor's improper use of forceps crushed a baby's skull, leading to massive brain damage, requiring

$7,860,000 Settlement2021-08-04T11:26:39-05:00

$500,000 Settlement

Our client experienced severe back pain and numbness in his left leg after reaching for something and heard a [...]

$500,000 Settlement2021-06-17T14:30:56-05:00

$575,000 Settlement

Saginaw VA Medical Center health care providers failed to adequately monitor a patient’s blood thinner medication and testing, which [...]

$575,000 Settlement2021-06-17T14:29:14-05:00

$600,000 Settlement

A physician at Heart of Texas Community Health Center, a federally funded health care facility in Waco, Texas, failed [...]

$600,000 Settlement2021-06-17T14:26:11-05:00

$700,000 Settlement

Our client was misdiagnosed by U.S. Government health care providers at Lakenheath Medical Center in the United Kingdom. Their [...]

$700,000 Settlement2021-06-17T14:22:14-05:00

$850,000 Settlement

Our client suffered an above the knee left leg amputation due to medical negligence and failure to timely treat [...]

$850,000 Settlement2021-06-17T14:17:29-05:00
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