$775,000 Settlement

Postal Service Truck Wreck Leg Injury $340,000 received by clients $193,750 attorneys' fees $241,250 litigation expenses Schulte v. United States Portland, Oregon USPS Truck Collision A United States Postal Service truck failed to yield at an intersection and t-boned our client causing nerve injuries in her leg. This case involved

$775,000 Settlement2021-07-13T09:30:56-05:00

$1,000,000 Settlement

Army Truck Wreck $650,236.03 received by clients with lifetime benefits $250,000 attorneys' fees $99,673.97 litigation expenses Kinnaird v. United States Lawton, Oklahoma Army Truck Wreck An Army truck ran a red light and t-boned our client causing a mild traumatic brain injury. As a result our client suffered memory loss

$1,000,000 Settlement2021-06-18T15:27:25-05:00

$8,750,000 Settlement

An Army employee fell asleep at the wheel of a car and rear ended a stalled vehicle at 85 [...]

$8,750,000 Settlement2021-06-14T13:23:23-05:00
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