$2,800,000 Settlement

Our client sought treatment at the Overton Brooks VA Medical Center. An MRI scan of the cervical spine revealed [...]

$2,800,000 Settlement2021-06-15T10:33:59-05:00

$2,800,000 Settlement

Veterans Affairs Medical Malpractice $2,058,503 received by clients $700,000 attorneys' fees $41,497 litigation expenses Mahaney v. United States Shreveport VA Medical Center Surgical Medical Malpractice that resulted in paralysis of the lower extremities.

$2,800,000 Settlement2021-06-29T14:10:33-05:00

$21,592,643 Trial Judgment

Veterans Affairs Stroke Misdiagnosis $21,592,643.03 trial judgment $15,884,511.98 in trust for clients with lifetime benefits $5,398,160.76 attorneys' fees $309,970.29 litigation expenses Farley v. United States VAMC Manchester, N.H. Our client went to the Manchester Veterans Affairs with a minor stroke. The providers failed to diagnose the cause of his stroke

$21,592,643 Trial Judgment2022-05-17T20:18:00-05:00
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