Products Liability

Confidential Settlement Austin, Texas Our client, who had received her implants after undergoing a mastectomy for breast cancer, developed autoimmune problems after one of her implants ruptured. After her implants were removed, her health problems improved. This verdict paved the way for us to negotiate settlements for the approximately 200

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Rezulin Confidential Settlement

Confidential Settlement Rezulin, available only by prescription, proved to be a dangerous drug that caused significant damage to a 55-year-old man’s liver, necessitating that he be placed on the liver transplant list. We settled the case on behalf of our clients for a confidential amount just prior to the beginning

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Products Liability

Confidential Settlement Austin, Texas Two boys, 7 and 9 years old, were brutally burned when the flick of a cigarette lighter ignited gas that had leaked into the passenger cab of a 1966 Chevrolet pickup. Because General Motors decided to put the fuel tank and its filler neck (with a

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$5,500,000 Jury Verdict

Products Liability Travis County, Texas $3,150,000 settlement following verdict $2,744,340.80 received by clients $366,085.20 attorneys' fee $19,574 case expenses A Mack truck delivering the mail ran a red light and broadsided the car driven by our client’s 19-year-old son, killing him instantly. A defect in the brake valve, under the

$5,500,000 Jury Verdict2021-08-04T10:23:12-05:00

Products Liability

Confidential Settlement Austin, Texas Our firm represented a nine-year-old boy who was asphyxiated and nearly killed when he was pinned between an automatic gate and fence at his apartment complex. We brought suit against Pennsylvania gate opener manufacturer, a Colorado apartment complex owner, and against the Austin gate installer.

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$4,813,947 Recovery

Products Liability $4,693,947 Recovery Following Appeal $2,421,406.58 Received by Client $1,877,579.17 Attorneys' Fee $394,962 Case Expenses Denver, Colorado Our client, a volunteer firefighter, was seriously and permanently injured when a Ford Expedition Police Truck that had been parked slightly uphill of our client slipped out of park into neutral. The

$4,813,947 Recovery2021-08-04T10:23:18-05:00

$8,700,000 Jury Verdict

Products Liability Confidential settlement following appeal; clients received over $4.3 million after attorneys' fees and expenses. Muth v. Ford Motor Co. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Our client, an Army Major, became a tetraplegic when the roof of a Crown Victoria in which he was a passenger was crushed in on him

$8,700,000 Jury Verdict2022-05-24T16:47:56-05:00
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