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Cerebral palsy is usually caused by a brain injury that occurs before or during childbirth. Patients with cerebral palsy will face challenges that require a lifetime of treatments and therapies. At Whitehurst, Harkness, Brees, Cheng, Alsaffar, Higginbotham, & Jacob, PLLC, our cerebral palsy lawyers serve as advocates for affected children and their families and fight aggressively to ensure they get the compensation they need to pay for the cost of long-term treatments and high-quality care caused by birth injuries or medical malpractice.

Types of Cerebral Palsy

The term cerebral palsy is used to describe any motor impairment caused by brain injury. There are different types of the disorder, including: spastic, athetoid and ataxic. Spastic cerebral palsy is generally associated with stiffness and problems with movement; athetoid cerebral palsy is associated with involuntary and uncontrolled movements; and ataxic cerebral palsy is associated with depth perception and balance problems.

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms

The exact symptoms a patient will experience will depend on the area of the brain that is damaged as well as the severity of the injury. Affected infants may display some of the following signs:

  • Stiffness in the legs
  • Inability to control the head and neck when picked up (even as they get older and should develop control)
  • Only using one hand reaching for something
  • Only using half of the body when trying to crawl
  • Not being able to stand on his/her own
  • The symptoms can be difficult to detect until the child reaches about 2 or 3
Treatments & Therapies

There are a number of innovative treatments and therapies designed to help children living with cerebral palsy enjoy an increased quality of life. In fact, some of the technologies used today can help children overcome certain impairments.
The following are some treatments that may be used:

  • Medications to control seizures and/or muscle spasms
  • Assistive technologies to help with disabilities, such as special braces or mechanical aids
  • Physical therapy to help control balance and movement
  • Speech therapy to help with communication problems
  • Occupational therapy to help affected children obtain better control of their hands and arms
  • Recreational therapy to increase a patient’s quality of life by creating a sense of normalcy
  • Botox® injections are being used to help with muscle spasms

The cost of treatment and care for cerebral palsy patients can be expensive. Our firm is dedicated to helping parents obtain enough compensation to provide the highest quality care for their children. If your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, we may be able to help you seek and recover the compensation you need and deserve.

For more information, call or email us today. Our cerebral palsy lawyers provide free case evaluations for prospective clients.