Denver jury finds $3.25m in damages in motor vehicle accident trial

On March 1, 2016, a Denver, Co, jury found $3.25m in damages in a motor vehicle accident lawsuit. This verdict came after a five day trial. Plaintiff Angela Rogers was rear ended by an employee of the Hertz Corporation.

She suffered serious injuries as a result. Ms. Rogers has significant chronic pain and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical care costs. The jury found that Ms. Rogers non-economic harms resulting from this motor vehicle accident were $750,000 and she suffered $2.5m in economic losses. (Economic losses are the type of losses that include lost income, hospital and other medical bills, and lost household services.)

Ms. Rogers was slowing down after she saw traffic coming to a stand still. The Hertz vehicle did not slow down and rear ended Ms. Rogers. The Hertz vehicle was going 60 miles per hour when it caused this motor vehicle accident.

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