In a recent Illinois wrongful death case, a Ford County jury found $950,000 in damages for the death of a 73 year old man due to medical malpractice.

Illinois wrongful death case arising from heart problems

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Foundation

David Buhs went to the emergency room and his primary care doctor with symptoms of chest pain. Neither the ER nor his PCP ordered the necessary tests or treatment. He was kept in the hospital for monitoring but then discharged 3 days after he arrived. But Mr. Buhs was decided to return to the hospital but died before life saving treatment could be administered.

Our firm has handled many cases involving heart problems. Most recently, we achieved a $21.5 million verdict in New Hampshire. In these cases, it’s important to quickly find the cause of the heart problems because the failure to do so could have life-threatening consequences.

Providers will look for a wide range of problems, including ischemic trouble, atherosclerosis, and arrhythmias. A minor heart attack caused by atherosclerosis, clot, or other clogging mechanism of the arteries that supply blood to the heart may manifest in pain and other symptoms. If the provider does not diagnose such a minor initial problem, the patient could have a much larger heart attack or other medical problem, leading to death—such as in the Illinois wrongful death case that resulted in a $950,000 jury verdict.

An arrhythmia, on the other hand, can result in the heart developing blood clots. The heart will pump these blood clots to various parts of the body through the body’s arteries. When the clot travels to an artery that is too small to pass, the clot will clog the artery and deprive that part of the body of oxygen rich blood. If this happens in the brain, the patient suffers a stroke. But it can happen anywhere in the body and can result in death.

The Illinois wrongful death case of Mr. Buhs is an example of what can happen when medical providers don’t take the proper steps in diagnosing heart problems. If your loved one has died as a result of medical malpractice, contact an attorney to see whether you have any legal remedy.