A Massachusetts birth injury lawsuit resulted in a $30m jury verdict in Hampden Superior Court recently. The Springfield jury awarded the verdict to a Holyoke family that was injured due to medical malpractice during labor and delivery.

This lawsuit was filed on behalf of baby Jeniah Gallego, through her family. It was filed against six doctors involved in Jeniah Gallego’s birth in September 2004. This case is an example of the profound injuries that can occur when a medical doctor or nurse is negligent in the labor and delivery of a child. Baby Jeniah cannot walk or talk, even though he is now 11 years old. He will need round the clock medical care. He will need constant visits to the various specialists. This type of medical injury can be overwhelming for a family.

In these situations, you should contact a lawyer that has specialized knowledge of the tools involved in the health and wellbeing of your baby during delivery, such as a fetal monitor. You should also select a lawyer who has had significant victories in the area of labor and delivery malpractice.