An 81 year old Michigan woman went into the hospital for a routine jaw surgery, but never left after a hospital mixup & medical malpractice caused her death. The hospital, instead of performing the routine jaw surgery, opened up her brain and performed brain surgery. It was revealed at trial that the hospital mixed up her head scan for another patients and mistakenly believed that she had a brain bleed. The hospital rushed her into surgery, drilled several holes into her head, and opened up her skull. After exploring her brain, they realized that there was no bleed.

Bimla Nayyar, the 81 year old woman, was not able to recover from the surgery. After spending weeks in intensive care, she died 60 days after the medical malpractice. The jury found $21 million in damages, including $300,000 in medical and funeral expenses; $13 million in pain and suffering; $4.5 million for suffering in the past by her family; and $2.2 million in future pain and suffering for her family.

Hospital errors can cause significant suffering for loved ones that are entirely dependent on the hospital for their care and treatment. Hospitals need a robust set of policies and procedures to prevent mix ups like this from happening. If you find yourself a victim of failed hospital policies, you will likely need a law firm capable of using all legal means available to you to gain access to the hospital policies and procedures, and then to determine whether the hospital followed their own policies and procedures.