At Whitehurst, Harkness, Brees, Cheng, Alsaffar, Higginbotham, and Jacob, PLLC, our personal injury attorneys are proud to be part of a tradition of legal excellence as we provide a broad range of services to people throughout Texas, the United States, and around the world. We have developed our expertise through hard work and a commitment to client satisfaction, and our attorneys have a wealth of experience in litigating and settling personal injury claims, including wrongful death, brain injury, birth injury, and other catastrophic injury cases. Our seasoned trial attorneys approach each case with the support and backing of our entire team of lawyers, as well as our knowledgeable paralegals and support staff. This support structure has allowed us to achieve a number of record verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Our firm focuses on cases that involve serious personal injuries. We are highly selective in the cases we take, an approach that allows us to ensure that we devote ample time and resources to each of our clients. Please contact us for more information on what constitutes a meritorious claim and what type of evidence must exist in order for that claim to be successful.

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