A New York jury recently head a radiologist negligent after a New York business owner Kevin Orr presented to the hospital with dizziness, headache and problems standing. These are classic signs of a stroke.

A stroke is a blockage in one of your blood vessels. If the blockage is large enough, it can prevent oxygenated blood from reaching critical organs. The hopsital Mr. Orr presented to sent him to have imaging done. But the radiologist missed a blockage in Mr. Orr’s brain that was visible on the brain scan.

Because his imaging was interpreted as normal, the hospital sent Mr. Orr home without further stroke work up.

Our firm has handled failure to diagnose stroke cases and have found that timing is important to preventing a second stroke. In Mr. Orr’s case, because he was discharged, he could not get the lifesaving medication necessary to prevent a second stroke.

The New York jury deliberated about 3.5 hours and found that the radiologist’s misdiagnosis caused Mr. Orr’s second stroke. The damages in this case was assessed at $11.6m dollars. $7.5m was allocated for pain and suffering and the remainder for the various medical treatment and care that he would need throughout his life. This might include regular visits to a neurologist and a neurocare team, attendant care, and other medical devices and medications.

At the time of his injury, Mr. Orr was a machinist, but lost the ability to work due to the second stroke.