A Tripler Army Malpractice Lawsuit settled for $9m recently after allegations for medical malpractice at Tripler Army Medical Hospital. The plaintiff in this case was taken to the hospital for labor and delivery with a high risk of uterine rupture.

Uterine rupture is a potentially catastrophic event during childbirth by which the integrity of the myometrial wall is breached. In an incomplete rupture the peritoneum is still intact. With a complete rupture the contents of the uterus may spill into the peritoneal cavity or the broad ligament.

An uterine rupture can prevent oxygenated blood from reaching your child in utero. In those circumstances, your medical doctors will usually act fast remedy the problem. Sometimes this will involve a C-section. In those situations where your doctor does not follow the standard of care, your baby could have a significant brain injury if there has been too much oxygen deprivation.

In these situations, the child will often need medical care for the rest of his or her life. A lot of the medical care the child will need will not be covered my insurance. This includes attendant and other care costs, special drugs and food the child needs, and other medical care visits and specialists.

If you have been injured by negligence during labor and delivery make sure you contact a lawyer to see what your rights are. If you have been injured at an Army, Navy ,or Air Force hospital, you need a lawyer that specializes in that area because there may be pitfalls for the unwary.