The Military Times published an article on the shortfalls of the Veterans Affairs on female medical issues. The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs office on Women’s Health acknowledged their shortcomings in caring for 390,000 female veterans in 2013. VA internal documents show that 1/4 of all VA hospitals do not have a full-time OBGYN. The VA’s stated goal was to have at least one person per facility to have a designated women’s health provider. About 140 community based VA clinics fall short of this standard.

Further, female veterans are placed on VA’s electronic wait list at a higher rate than male veterans. According to VA documents, VA is more likely to give female veterans of child-bearing age drugs that can cause birth defects than private facilities. The article notes that many female veterans have to drive hours to get to a VA facility that offers gender-specific care. The VA is more likely to refer female veterans to outside facilities than male vets. One-third of female vets received care at an outside facility as opposed to 15% of male veterans.