The Department of Veterans Affairs is costing not only tax payer dollars, but veterans health care. The Department recently announced that because of its mismanaged budget, to the tune of $3 billion dollars, it may have to shut down several Veterans Hospitals. This despite the fact that President Obama allocated $16 billion dollars, ” To ensure that Veterans have access to the care that they have earned.

The threat of closing these facilities comes on the heels of data released regarding even longer wait times for Veterans who are seeking medical treatment, in some cases wait times so long, they resulted in deaths. According the the Huffington Post, there are over 800,000 veterans waiting to be signed up for health care, and out of that over 200,000 died before getting signed up in the program.  Not to mention, that the condition of some of these Veterans may have worsened due to the lack of treatment and long wait times to begin with, thus aiding in their death. If that state of our veterans health care system is an example of how we treat our soldiers who are willing to die for their Country, than we are failing miserably, and again, throwing money at the problem has yet to prove as viable solution.

The problem seems to stem form a lack of accountability,  transparency, and ethics. In a recent document containing 35 pages, which was released by a senior official of procurement, the “gross mismanagement” is addressed in detail, to reveal millions of dollars of tax payer money being wasted. He points out several issues with the flawed system, including corruption, breaches of Federal law, and cover ups.  Sadly, this is all just another insult to injury towards the people who deserve and need it the most, veterans who are seeking care.

We owe it to our Veterans to not only make health care easily accessible, but to ensure that the treatment they receive be of quality and set at a high standard of care. If you feel you have received negligent treatment, please feel free to contact our office.