Our attorneys led the charge in a $230m judgment for victims of the Sutherland Springs mass shooting. After a complex, two part trial, federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez found the United States Air Force 60% at fault and ordered them to pay $230 million in damages to survivors and family of the mass shooting.

In July, the federal judge determined that the military was 60% at fault in the shooting. Our attorneys successfully argued that had the shooter’s violent history been disclosed to the FBI, the shooting would have been prevented. United States Attorneys argued that they were 0% liable for the mass shooting.

During trial in November, the federal government offered $31 million in total to the victims of their families. The sum was less than 10% of the $400 million requested by families and victims. National Trial Law attorneys including Jamal Alsaffar and Tom Jacob asked the federal judge to take emotional damages just as seriously as physical damages.

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