An Army employee fell asleep at the wheel of a car and rear ended a stalled vehicle at 85 miles per hour. We settled the case for $8,750,000. Other case fees include $2,187,500 for attorneys’ fees and $228,448 in case expenses.

Case details

A U.S. Army employee was returning from military training and was driving down a Texas highway headed east in his own personal vehicle. On the same road, a vehicle fire had blocked and backed up traffic for at least two hours. The weather and roadway was dry and without rain. State troopers were present on the scene and directing traffic. At some point, the Army employee fell asleep at the wheel of a car and crashed into a line of cars backed up from the fire. He was driving at 85 miles per hour. The first car struck was occupied by two passengers and they were both wearing their seatbelts. There were no skid marks left by Army employee’s truck, indicating that he did not apply his brakes. The car was totaled. The frame, windows, and panels were all broken and demolished. One passenger was air-flighted to the hospital in critical condition. The other passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The Army vehicle collision into the first car with so much force, it was forced into a Ford F250 pickup truck, which in turn crashed into a silver Chevrolet Dually pickup truck. All cars and trucks—other than the Army employee’s—were stopped and waiting for the fire to clear. When the Army employee woke up, he exited his vehicle and asked witnesses “Did I do this?” He refused medical attention multiple times. After the crash, a state trooper approached him to ask him questions about what happened, but he said he wanted his lawyer and refused to answer any questions. We represented the family and pursued the case against the U.S. Government for negligence.