A baby sustained severe brachial plexus injuries at birth due to negligent care by an obstetrician and medical providers at the Atlanta Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Our clients received $633,862, which was placed in a trust in addition to $19,214 in paid medical bills. Other case fees include $250,000 for attorneys’ fees and $96,923 in litigation expenses. Our client presented to the labor and delivery department shortly after midnight. Throughout the night, there had been minimal change in cervical dilation and no fetal descent since admission and between the sterile vaginal exams (SVE). Early in the morning, her doctor ordered Pitocin to be administered. The medication was administered and discontinued immediately after. The reason for the discontinuance was not charted. By noon the same day, the fetal monitor strip showed that our client was pushing and that the fetal heart rate responded with a prolonged deceleration for 10 minutes. There continued to be prolonged fetal heart rate decelerations with each contraction. The obstetrician attempted to deliver the baby using vacuum extraction. The medical records indicate 3 attempts at vacuum extraction. Finally, the baby was born by vaginal delivery. The baby was noted at the time of birth to have a fractured clavicle and a left brachial plexus injury. The negligence of the obstetrician and medical providers at Atlanta Medical Center resulted in the brachial plexus injury which caused permanent impairment.